Styling a Sweater Dress for Seattle // 12.4.16


I decided to ride the city bus into Seattle this day… solely for the purpose of getting boba tea, but I ended up going thrifting too. Keep scrolling to see more shots of what I wore and did!



You know you’re a true boba addict when you spend over an hour riding the bus for it… but how cute is this bottle packaging?! This is at the Sharetea at University of Washington, just in case you want to try it for yourself! I got the mango one and it was so delicious 🙂 Honestly considering just becoming a food blogger at this point. (just kidding)




To be honest with you, I usually don’t like the idea of wearing second-hand clothing and generally speaking, I’m just horrible at thrifting. But, I heard about Buffalo Exchange which is basically a trendy thrift store, and decided to try it out. I actually found a few pieces for great deals that I’ll feature in a blog post coming soon!


For my outfit, I started off with this camel colored sweater dress. Sweater dresses are such an essential to have for the fall and winter since they can be styled so many different ways! I got this one last year and still wear it, but I’m definitely working on expanding my collection! I tied a black cardigan around, mainly because I like how it looked, but also because it added definition to my waist area. Plus, I knew I was going to be walking in the streets of Seattle at night, so I could always throw it on later on when it got colder. On the bottom, I put on some tights for warmth and threw on my black boots. My favorite part of this outfit is the choker, which has been on the blog before, but I tied it around my neck differently this time around. It’s the details that make an outfit!

ALSO, I can’t believe it’s December and almost the end of 2016 already! It’s my favorite time of the year and I’m so excited for Christmas! What are your plans for the holidays? I’d love to know!!

♡ Jaime

*Photos taken by Kat (IG: itskatbug)

Outfit details:
Sweater dress –
Choker – Forever 21
Boots – H&M


  • Love the swewater! xx, Erin –

    • thejaimeissue

      Thanks Erin!

  • I love the camel and black color combo. So minimalist and chic! I love thrifting but you definitely have to dedicate time to shop for it. Glad you found some stuff!

    • Jaime

      Thank you so much Rach! That is so true, a lot of the time it’s a hit or miss when it comes to thrifting!

  • Maggie

    I’m loving how minimalistic and chic this look is!

    • Jaime

      Thanks Maggie!! ♡

  • Love your pictures so much!

    • Jaime

      Thank you, Beata!!

  • Ashlyn Leahy

    Hey Jaime, Just want to tell you that I like your blog! It’s cool the way you took pictures of the things you write about. After receiving a link to it from the Gibson e-news, I thought I would check it out. I am curious how you got the knowledge to create the blog? Did you have teachers helping you out? Thanks! Ashlyn

    • Jaime

      Hi Ashlyn, thanks so much for stopping by! My blog was an independent project that I created on my own. I spent at least a few weeks doing research before actually making this website. There are so many resources out there, so that’s mainly where I learned how to create one and where I got my knowledge from. I did buy a base design for my blog, which helped tons in terms of not having to learn how to code, but a lot of it I customized myself through lots of trial and error. Hope this answers your questions!